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Our Background

McAliney wines are meant to be enjoyed now or cellared for the future—a legacy that the family is proud to be building. Brendan has one simple wish: “We hope that you, your friends and family enjoy them all.”

With Celtic warrior roots, our Irish great-grandparents, Partick McAliney and Marie Kilcoyne were no strangers to adversity. From humble beginnings, they faced obstacles both big and small. In each other, they found able partners and ideal collaborators; together forging a brighter path for their 11 children and 29 grandchildren.

But the 1845 potato famine in Ireland was too much for even the McAlineys to endure, and like thousands of Irish, they made their way to America looking to start new traditions.

Descendants Brendan McAliney and his wife Kathleen are today proud residents of the world famous Napa Valley, where the  family creates wines that are an homage to their family’s Celtic heritage and a celebration of their amazing resilience. They’ve given the family name to their Napa Valley winery and approach each vintage with a warrior-like tenacity, a brilliant command of craft and a vision as confident as it is proud.